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​A perfect fit for the most important gown you will ever wear is essential. Adjustments to the gown must be made by a true professional. Our seamstresses has extensive experience in altering gowns. We also have on hand professional beadier. We are truly lucky to have the most amazing team.

What do you charge for Alterations?
We charge accordingly what needs to be done.

When should I start my alterations for my Bridal Gown?
We highly suggest you come 6-8 weeks before your wedding

What do I need to bring with me when I go to my fittings?
In order to have a perfect fit . If is Vital to bring the proper undergarments you would be wearing that day to every fitting, as well as your shoes.

Should I bring someone?
We ask you to bring at least one other person with you to put your mind at ease.
On the last fitting we highly suggest you to bring the person who would be in charge of bustling your bridal gown.

Pregnancy or Weight Gain or Weight Loss
Pregnancy: Should you be aware of pregnancy, it is essential that you let us know immediately so that the appropriate steps can be taken to ensure a proper fit..
Weight Gain or Loss: It is understandable that during the exciting and stressful time before the wedding, some of us gain or lose weight. It is essential to maintain your weight after your first fitting.


Should additional alterations be necessary, there will be an additional charge.

After all “Our MAIN Focus is Our Brides”…

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